HIV Prevention Program

Programs to teach prevention include:

Live drama shows with dancing and music:

  • Drama/dance troupe rehearses twice weekly, some are HIV positive. KIDA started this activity in 2000.
  • Live shows are given twice monthly in schools, trading centers, churches, mosques by traveling troupe.
  • Venues for shows expand out into 3 subcounties of Kabarole District.

Radio shows, sale of cassette tapes: 

  • Cassette album of songs with HIV prevention lyrics in Ritooro was produced to be sold in shops.
  • KIDA's drama group wishes to educate the community on HIV/AIDS prevention and other health topics in regular programs on Voice of Tooro radio station, but this program needs funding. 

Most of the people who live in the rural foothills of the Ruwenzori Mountains in Uganda are poor and illiterate.  Without some kind of community outreach, they would have no way of knowing that HIV is a virus and that HIV infection and AIDS can be prevented.  Rev. Ezra Musobozi, while serving as an Anglican priest at St. Peter’s Church in Iruhuura in the late 1990’s, found more and more people dying of AIDS, widows becoming sick and destitute and children infected at birth.  He and his wife wanted to do something about this tragedy so they formed a traveling drama group to teach about AIDS in 2000.  Over the years, this group has reached semi-professional status and is doing an effective job of communicating behavior change messages. They use music, dance, and drama coupled with didactic teaching.  They take their show out into three rural subcounty communities around Fort Portal.  Hundreds of people begin flocking to these shows as soon as the drumming, music and dancing begin. 

KIDA drama group
drumming and singing by KIDA
dancing girls
KIDA dancing girls