KIDA Empowers Village Groups with Affordable Health Care

Recently one of KIDA’s challenges has been to market a new idea for the people: affordable health insurance!  The pre-payment of small affordable premiums into a cooperative health plan allows poor people to stop worrying about how they will pay even small medical bills when they need treatment.

The community surrounding KIDA Hospital loves the hospital but often finds it too expensive for them, although the fees are very low and are not expected to cover the full cost of care. An impoverished family can be sent into a scramble to sell property to pay even small hospital fees when illness strikes. Result: people avoid getting medical care when they need it.  They suffer, as they did before the hospital arrived, and often die from treatable conditions.

KIDA is solving this problem by actively promoting a cooperative health insurance plan: the KIDA Community Health Insurance Plan or KCHIP. For a small membership fee and a quarterly payment, members can access care for very small co-payments.  KIDA has identified over 50 small community groups to whom KIDA leaders promote the plan.  The goal was to sign up 15 full groups in the plan by the end of June, 2015, and increasing KCHIP membership to 1,000. They exceeded the membership target with 1032 paid members but fell short of the 15 full group total by 5, enrolling 10 groups by quarter's end. The heavy marketing work by KIDA's senior staff is continuing.

KCHIP group celebratory dance
Rev. Ezra leads a new KCHIP group in a celebratory dance