We don't know how long KIDA's lab technicians were struggling with an old reburbished microscope, but recently they reported that one objective was not functioning.  That made certain diagnoses more difficult. Baylor Uganda inspected the lab last fall. Although the lab passed inspection, they learned that they would get a higher licensing level if they upgraded their microscope. Jacob Kato, KIDA's senior technologist, researched the options and proposed a new purchase.  KIDA accepted his proposal and sought the funding for this unanticipated need.

After the funding arrived, Jacob traveled to Kampala and purchased a brand new Olympus CX22LED microscope pictured below. He carried the boxed microscope on his lap on the bus trip back to Fort Portal and by car to KIDA Hospital. He also connected with Alfred Andama, a lab technician in Kampala who advised him on the latest microscopy technology.