“Health care seeking behavior” at KIDA Hospital is increasing! When rural people have lived hours away from any health care provider all their lives, untreated illnesses became the norm.  Minor and treatable conditions become major illnesses that can lead to early death. 

In the past when people got sick, they would either tough it out or make a long trip to health care center only to find out that they can’t afford the care or the drugs they needed were out of stock.  Even when KIDA Hospital opened in 2011, some of the former barriers still existed, particularly unaffordable care to those who are destitute.

 KIDA’s accountant Mr. Robert Mugenyi reports that since KIDA launched a health care insurance cooperative to make care more affordable, the usage at the Hospital increased. There was a large jump in membership in the cooperative after KIDA, on the advice of  Health Partners (Uganda), did three things: (1) promoted the program to existing village groups, (2) renamed the program “KIDA BATAKA TWEJANJABE” which means “Let us a s a local community take care of our health”, and (3) began health education sessions with each group to help people understand the benefits of health care as well as how to prevent getting sick.

The coop membership now stands at 1739!  KIDA’s membership goal is to reach 3,000 by October 1, 2016.  Further growth will increase hospital usage and help people become healthier.  We wish KIDA well with the effort towards a goal of creating a healthy community.

Mothers line up for well-baby checks and vaccinations at KIDA Hospital
Mothers line up for well-baby checks and vaccinations at KIDA Hospital