Lights Beneath the Mountains of the Moon

 In 2013, the Government of Uganda implemented a national plan to bring electricity to the country’s rural areas. Though this plan has hit the occasional road bump, the electrical grid has now arrived in the vicinity of the KIDA Hospital!

 With a hook up to the new national grid, Kitojo Hospital will no longer be reliant on a costly generator that supplements some solar power.  Last year alone, the expenditure for this unpredictable source of electricity was over $4,000. Until the complete hookup is accomplished, Kitojo Hospital staff members are living with no electricity in their homes, and there has been some turnover due to these conditions.

 The arrival of reliable electricity will go a long way to improving conditions both at the hospital and within the living quarters of hospital staff.  It is a huge advancement for a facility that offers so much to the community it serves.  Thanks to generous donors, KIDA’s cost of $9,800 to hook up all the buildings to the national grid has now been raised!  The work is currently underway! 

 Reliable light for this region is more than seeing in the dark, it will assist KIDA in its steadfast efforts to improve and save lives.