October Update

The Green and Yellow Festival is Coming November 15, 2008!

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"Positive Living" takes on many forms in the KIDA community. Here are some recent examples:

The children who are HIV positive have a peer group and learn how to live normal lives with HIV.  KIDA (the Kitojo Integrated Development Association) gathers them together, along with their caregivers, four times a year for a Saturday seminar.  Pictured here are the younger children with toys brought by the Friends of Ruwenzori mission team last February.  You can't keep these kids down!

A recent adult seminar stressed healthy eating and introduced the benefits of garlic to help boost the immune system.  In the same seminar, participants practiced composting to increase the yield of healthy vegetables.

KIDA recently installed another water tank to collect rain water, a technique called "rain water harvesting.  This photo shows the backside of the KIDA clinic and community center.  KIDA is ready for the current rainy season, now beginning.

Other news:  KIDA, the NGO Uganda partner of the Friends of Ruwenzori Foundation, just this month received their micro-finance certificate from the government of Uganda nine months after beginning the cooperative rural community bank.  The "Kitojo AIDS Care Co-operative Savings and Credit Society Limited", has become a legally recognized micro-finance institution in Uganda and boasts 180 active members.  Congratulations KIDA!