Ruwenzori Update, January 2008

The Kitojo Integrated Development Association (KIDA) recently began a program to improve nutrition and increase income of rural Ugandan villagers affected by HIV/AIDS.  Under the direction of an organic gardening instructor, KIDA purchased seeds and farming implements. A group of men and women then tilled the soil and planted ten different vegetables adjacent to the KIDA clinic. After learning these valuable organic farming skills, the classmates organized ten cooperative home farms in the places where they live. They took turns maintaining the KIDA garden and cooperatively maintained their own gardens. As a result of their hard work, their families will enjoy greater health, and they can sell the excess produce at the market.  The abundant harvest is here!
This is just one example of an empowerment program operated by KIDA for rural people to help them get out of poverty and fight the devastating HIV/AIDS epidemic in the foothills of the Ruwenzori Mountains of Western Uganda.

From Rev. Ezra Musobozi, director of KIDA:

“I have to thank the Friends of Ruwenzori for supporting us financially, without which our work here would not be possible.  God bless your hearts, brethren.  I write this sentence literally with tears of joy running in my eyes as I contemplate what would have happened to this community without your support and love.  Thank you so much.”