Visitors to KIDA: Collaborators!

In September, KIDA got a visit from the founders of Midwives on Missions of Service (MOMS), Rev. Patricia Ross and Rev. Christie McManus.  They got acquainted with KIDA staff and the doctors, nurses and midwives of KIDA Hospital and discussed a future health education program for midwives and volunteers, a mutual learning win-win for both KIDA and MOMS. Their trip is planned for February 2015.

In May of 2014, Patrick Hill, video volunteer, visited and videotaped some of KIDA's activities, as well as other NGOs in Uganda. We look forward to viewing his work at the coming Green and Yellow Festival on November 15, 2014 in Piedmont. Patrick will be returning to Uganda next year.

Rev. Ezra Musobozi reports that he enjoyed the visitors very much and looks forward to future visits. Friends of Ruwenzori is grateful for these collaborations.

Trish Ross at KIDA's prenatal clinic
Trish Ross sees women at KIDA prenatal clinic
Patrick Hill at center
Patrick Hill (center) poses with Barnabas (left) and Rev. Ezra Musobozi (right)