KIDA Hospital staff members are grateful to the Blood Bank in Fort Portal for supplying blood when they need it in cases of childbirth hemorrhage, emergency surgery and anemia caused by severe malaria. The Blood Bank supplies blood to the entire Kabarole District of Uganda.  KIDA Hospital was recently approved as a collection site, and the first donation day took place on May 11, 2015.

25 units of blood were collected from healthy volunteers including vocational students.  They enjoyed the experience of giving back.  One volunteer was quoted, “Now that I work in a hospital, I really appreciate the importance of blood, so I should donate and save someone’s life out there.”

KIDA Empowers Village Groups with Affordable Health Care

Recently one of KIDA’s challenges has been to market a new idea for the people: affordable health insurance!  The pre-payment of small affordable premiums into a cooperative health plan allows poor people to stop worrying about how they will pay even small medical bills when they need treatment.

The community surrounding KIDA Hospital loves the hospital but often finds it too expensive for them, although the fees are very low and are not expected to cover the full cost of care. An impoverished family can be sent into a scramble to sell property to pay even small hospital fees when illness strikes. Result: people avoid getting medical care when they need it.  They suffer, as they did before the hospital arrived, and often die from treatable conditions.

KIDA is solving this problem by actively promoting a cooperative health insurance plan: the KIDA Community Health Insurance Plan or KCHIP. For a small membership fee and a quarterly payment, members can access care for very small co-payments.  KIDA has identified over 50 small community groups to whom KIDA leaders promote the plan.  The goal was to sign up 15 full groups in the plan by the end of June, 2015, and increasing KCHIP membership to 1,000. They exceeded the membership target with 1032 paid members but fell short of the 15 full group total by 5, enrolling 10 groups by quarter's end. The heavy marketing work by KIDA's senior staff is continuing.

KCHIP group celebratory dance
Rev. Ezra leads a new KCHIP group in a celebratory dance

Visitors to KIDA: Collaborators!

In September, KIDA got a visit from the founders of Midwives on Missions of Service (MOMS), Rev. Patricia Ross and Rev. Christie McManus.  They got acquainted with KIDA staff and the doctors, nurses and midwives of KIDA Hospital and discussed a future health education program for midwives and volunteers, a mutual learning win-win for both KIDA and MOMS. Their trip is planned for February 2015.

In May of 2014, Patrick Hill, video volunteer, visited and videotaped some of KIDA's activities, as well as other NGOs in Uganda. We look forward to viewing his work at the coming Green and Yellow Festival on November 15, 2014 in Piedmont. Patrick will be returning to Uganda next year.

Rev. Ezra Musobozi reports that he enjoyed the visitors very much and looks forward to future visits. Friends of Ruwenzori is grateful for these collaborations.

Trish Ross at KIDA's prenatal clinic
Trish Ross sees women at KIDA prenatal clinic
Patrick Hill at center
Patrick Hill (center) poses with Barnabas (left) and Rev. Ezra Musobozi (right)


On April 17th, King Oyo, who became King of the Tooro Kingdom of Uganda when we was three years old, has come of age and decided to spend his 21st birthday touring KIDA hospital and having lunch with Rev. Ezra and Marojorie Musobozi and some KIDA staff at the Kitojo Tourist Home.  While he was there he planted a tree, handed over some tree seedlings donated by the National Forest Authority to people who will plant them.  He also gave the first dose of polio vaccine to two babies who were born on his birthday.  KIDA's vaccine program is scaling up and the extra publicity associated with the King's visit will certainly help parents to participate in the life-saving program.



The good news is continuing to spread throughout several rural subcounties outside Fort Portal that KIDA Hospital, equipped and staffed, will treat their illnesses and deliver their babies for low cost.  These people had no access to a doctor before the hospital opened in August of 2011.  What did they do?  They suffered and often died.  KIDA is committed to changing the terrible statistics of high rates of maternal-infant and preventable disease mortality.  Between August, 2011 (when the hospital opened) and November, 2012, 305 babies were safely delivered and there were 680 prenatal visits and 1,257 vaacinations given to newborns and children.  HIV testing and counseling is available daily; 342 new HIV positive clients are now receiving prophylactic antibiotics.  100 have been started on antiretroviral treatment according to WHO criteria. Between August 2011 and November of 2012 there were 2424 inpatient admissions to the the hospital and 6536 outpatient visits.  The numbers are increasing all the time as the news spreads and KIDA hospital's reputation grows.

KIDA Hospital opened its surgery unit on July 23, 2012.  Now they have the capacity to do emergency C-sections and perform procedures like hernia repair, excision and drainage, adult male circumciscions (known to reduce HIV transmission), and other minor surgeries.

Besides Friends of Ruwenzori, KIDA is also grateful for some financial support from Baylor University through its "Save the Mothers, Giving Life" program and to Marie Stopes Foundation for giving support to KIDA's family planning program. 


KIDA Hospital's first baby born by C-section
KIDA Hospital's first baby born by C-section
KIDA Hospital's first day of surgery, July 23, 2012
KIDA Hospital's first day of surgery, July 23, 2012


KIDA's new medical staff was so happy to receive the shipment from IMEC (International Medical Equipment Collaborative in Boston) at the end of November, 2011.  It had been a challenge to treat and care for the continually increasing stream of patients arriving at the new hospital.  But they didn't complain (too much!) and somehow they compensated for the lack of supplies and equipment.

When the truck finally arrived on November 27th, the whole community turned out to help unload it.  The Uganda government required that everything be engraved and labeled with "KIDA Hospital".  The nurses put patients, who had previously been sleeping on the floor on mattresses, in the new hospital beds as soon as they could.

There was no forklift, so many people helped unload the contents
The human forklift
Over a thousand items had to be labeled; what a job!
Over a thousand items had to be labeled; what a job!


Rural villagers living in Ruteete Subcounty of Uganda's Kabarole District have been waiting for this day for a long time, because they have never before had access to general medical care when they needed it. The Uganda Ministry of Health sponsored the Family Health Day on August 2nd at the Kitojo Integrated Development Association's (KIDA's) brand new hospital facility and provided extra staff to manage the crowds.  People began lining up at 6 AM and by the time KIDA's expanded staff was ready to serve them, 1600 people had gathered.  Many lab tests were performed, hundreds of children were vaccinated, pregnant women evaluated, and sick patients were seen by doctors.  At least one severe malaria patient was admitted to the new inpatient ward. The next morning a beautiful baby girl was born in the clean and comfortable facility.  She and her mother had all the advantages of professional medical care. KIDA's new medical staff is happy to work here even without much equipment, but they expect the large shipment from Boston's International Medical Equipment Collaborative (IMEC) to arrive next month The Friends of Ruwenzori are so grateful to all donors who have made possible this wonderful development.
 Part of the crowd seeking medical care on KIDA's Family Health Day
Part of the crowd seeking medical care on KIDA's Family Health Day



On January 5, 2011, the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council granted the Kitojo Integrated Development Association (KIDA) a license to open a health unit to serve the surrounding rural communities with general medical care for the first time. Normally a mini hospital requires four buildings, but the community's urgent need has dictated this approval. Rev. Ezra Musobozi, KIDA’s director, recruited a medical officer from Kabarole Hospital in Fort Portal, Dr. Sekitoleko Richard, to supervise the set-up and operation of inpatient and outpatient services, including labor and delivery.

KIDA IS GETTING READY TO OPEN THEIR BEAUTIFUL NEW BUILDING FOR SERVICES IN 2011!  They are currently engaged in recruiting staff and finishing up the operating theater annex to the General Ward, hooking up the rain water harvesting system, and installing solar power!  The Friends of Ruwenzori is busy raising money to send quality medical equipment through the International Medical Equipment Collaborative (IMEC). To help us, please visit our donate page. For more pictures, click on the Kitojo Hospital menu item above.

Photo taken on 3/14/2011 shows progress of operating theater annex to the Genera
Photo taken on 3/14/2011 shows progress of operating theater annex to the General Ward

KIDA NEWS December, 2010



Pictured below is a November 2010 photo of the General Wards building getting its final coat of paint.  In December, the Uganda Health Minister is scheduled to inspect the premises and hopefully approve its use for outpatient services, inpatient general medical care and maternity care next year, as funds become available for staff, equipment and supplies.  There is an urgent need in the rural areas of the Kabarole District for accessible health care, and the Friends of Ruwenzori are very excited about the possibility that KIDA may be allowed to serve the community's general health needs in the near future.


Many thanks to all volunteers and participants at what we believe was the best Green and Yellow Festival ever, held November 6th at the Piedmont Veteran's Hall.  We raised 19% of KIDA's yearly operation budget at this our major event of the year.  That money will help support KIDA's ongoing AIDS-relief and empowerment programs for the HIV-infected rural villagers of Kitojo and the surrounding area. 

Friends of Ruwenzori exists solely to support the AIDS and poverty fighting work of the Kitojo Integrated Development Association (KIDA) in rural Uganda.  To that worthy goal, we work hard all year to host an annual event called the Green and Yellow Festival in Piedmont, California.  

Green, yellow, and white are the colors painted on the KIDA clinic.  Green signifies freshness of life, yellow, optimism and white, wholeness.  They are the values that KIDA holds up in fulfilling their mission to "enable vulnerable individuals to take care of their own lives."



Rev. Ezra and Marjorie Musobozi recently hosted the 2010 Friends of Ruwenzori visiting team at their beautiful guesthouse, the Kitojo Tourist Home.  Gil, Karen, Michael and Jennifer Gleason, Brian Kast and Jan Doninelli were treated to and participated in two of KIDA's musical productions, volunteered at the clinic, engaged in building and gardening activities, and helped produce a video documentary.  Read more about the trip by clicking on "Uganda Trip" at the left.

Friends of Ruwenzori Team 2010 and Ruwenzori mountains
Friends of Ruwenzori Team 2010 and Ruwenzori mountains


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