Microfinance SACCO annual meeting May 28, 2010


Pictured here is the set-up for KIDA's microfinance annual meeting held on May 28th.  Since the membership has now grown to 491, several tents were rented to accommodate the expected crowd.  They were placed on one graded level, the future site of the outpatient clinic for KIDA's capital project which is to build a Health Center IV, a mini hospital that will provide much needed health services to the entire rural population surrounding KIDA. The general wards building (one of four buildings) is nearing completion, made possible by a recent grant of $77,118 from the Friends of Ruwenzori Foundation made in April.

The set-up for the Savings and Credit Cooperative Annual meeting on the site of the future Outpatient clinic 

KIDA's proposed Health Center IV is making excellent progress!  The picture below shows an early June, 2010 snapshot of the roof framing of the General Wards building (located behind the large tent shown above).  The building in progress has 3 large rooms for 4-6 inpatient beds each: a men's ward, a women's ward and a children's ward.  Other rooms provide space for waiting, treatment, nurse rooms and storage. The Friends of Ruwenzori commends KIDA for effective and efficient use of donated funds!

Year end message from Rev. Ezra

Dear Friends,

On behalf of my family, KIDA staff and all the community here, I have the pleasure to thank all of you for the love and support you have extended to us.  You surely have saved hundreds of people's lives and have given them another chance to celebrate Christmas with a smile with their families through your tireless and sacrificial support. We do understand that it has not been easy to raise the financial support, given the global economic crunch. But in spite of that you have gone an extra mile to reach out to the needs of our community.  May God bless you; give you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2010. I would wish that everyone who has supported us to receive this message. Please kindly forward this message to them.  

Thanks with love, Ezra

Rev. Ezra and Marjorie Musobozi, founders and directors of the Kitojo Integrated
Rev. Ezra and Marjorie Musobozi, founders and directors of the Kitojo Integrated Development Association

KIDA Update June 2009

In April, Rev. Ezra received Mark Sevier, an American Peace Corps volunteer assigned to KIDA for one year.  Mark is charged with educating KIDA's clients in better sanitation and safe water treatment, an important issue in the community.  Mark has been working hard ever since presenting lessons and visiting homes.  He has offered his expertise in microfinance, development and business management as well.  His parents recently visited him and promptly donated 98 mosquito nets.  After Mark demonstrated their use for prevention of malaria, they were immediately distributed to the guardians of children with HIV.

May 2009

FRIENDS OF RUWENZORI TEAMMATES RECENTLY RETURNED FROM KITOJO.  While seven "Friends" were participating in Western Uganda's non-governmental organization called KIDA, KIDA director Ezra Musobozi hosted Kabarole District dignitaries  at a special ceremony to commemorate the Friends of Ruwenzori for their financial support of the newly expanded 4,000 square feet clinic building.  The mission trip included dental care for people who have no dentist.  For details on the Friends mission, click on "2009 Mission Trip" on left menu.

Chris, Rev. Ezra, Delia, the honorable Mr. Micheal Mugisa, Steve and Karen
Left to right: Chris, Rev. Ezra, the LC 3 chairman, Delia, the honorable Mr. Michael Mugisa (LC5) (kneeling), Steve and Karen

Ruwenzori Update, January 2009


Thanks to a generous challenge grant and a successful fundraising effort by the Friends of Ruwenzori, the Kitojo Integrated Development Association has purchased a splendid 15-passenger van equipped with new seats and seatbelts!  Now the KIDA drama group will ride safely to its HIV-prevention production venues.  Clients who require hospital care can be transported more comfortably to Fort Portal.  Pictured here is the new van being received by overjoyed KIDA members at their clinic.

October Update

The Green and Yellow Festival is Coming November 15, 2008!

Click on "Green and Yellow Festival" and "Auction Preview" bars at top for details! 


"Positive Living" takes on many forms in the KIDA community. Here are some recent examples:

The children who are HIV positive have a peer group and learn how to live normal lives with HIV.  KIDA (the Kitojo Integrated Development Association) gathers them together, along with their caregivers, four times a year for a Saturday seminar.  Pictured here are the younger children with toys brought by the Friends of Ruwenzori mission team last February.  You can't keep these kids down!

A recent adult seminar stressed healthy eating and introduced the benefits of garlic to help boost the immune system.  In the same seminar, participants practiced composting to increase the yield of healthy vegetables.

KIDA recently installed another water tank to collect rain water, a technique called "rain water harvesting.  This photo shows the backside of the KIDA clinic and community center.  KIDA is ready for the current rainy season, now beginning.

Other news:  KIDA, the NGO Uganda partner of the Friends of Ruwenzori Foundation, just this month received their micro-finance certificate from the government of Uganda nine months after beginning the cooperative rural community bank.  The "Kitojo AIDS Care Co-operative Savings and Credit Society Limited", has become a legally recognized micro-finance institution in Uganda and boasts 180 active members.  Congratulations KIDA!

Ruwenzori Update, June 2008

June Voluntary Counseling and Testing Day Takes Place In Expanded KIDA Clinic

Kitojo Integrated Development Association (KIDA) just began its fifth year of offering VCT on the first Friday of every month, providing access to HIV testing and counseling to rural people near Rwaihamba. Personnel and equipment come from Virika Hospital in Fort Portal, approximately one hour away by vehicle. Many walk long distances to KIDA’s clinic, now expanded in size. The 4000 square feet of space can better accommodate the crowds of people that seek not only testing and counseling but treatment by a physician as well.  On June 6, 2008, 100 villagers were tested and 70 received treatment.

Marjorie and Fausta register villagers for HIV testing.

KIDA Enrolls 190 PLWHA Clients in Microfinance

*PLWHA stands for “people living with HIV/AIDS”

KIDA recently held a meeting of the members of KITOJO AIDS CARE SACCO at the expanded KIDA center.  SACCO stands for Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization, a local initiative program promoted by the government of Uganda to empower the poor by providing a mechanism for savings and micro-credit loans. Since the three PLWHA training workshops held last fall, 190 clients have made deposits and are thus jointly owners of the savings and fund.  They elected a committee that will approve applications for small business loans.  A member of the Uganda Parliament was present at this meeting that was chaired by KIDA’s full-time microfinance manager, Deogratium Mugisa.  Friends of Ruwenzori committed $4,000 this year to augment the loan fund. This program does much to restore hope and self-sufficiency to the vulnerable people infected with HIV.

KIDA microfinance members hold a meeting.

More news to come!

Ruwenzori Update, January 2008

The Kitojo Integrated Development Association (KIDA) recently began a program to improve nutrition and increase income of rural Ugandan villagers affected by HIV/AIDS.  Under the direction of an organic gardening instructor, KIDA purchased seeds and farming implements. A group of men and women then tilled the soil and planted ten different vegetables adjacent to the KIDA clinic. After learning these valuable organic farming skills, the classmates organized ten cooperative home farms in the places where they live. They took turns maintaining the KIDA garden and cooperatively maintained their own gardens. As a result of their hard work, their families will enjoy greater health, and they can sell the excess produce at the market.  The abundant harvest is here!
This is just one example of an empowerment program operated by KIDA for rural people to help them get out of poverty and fight the devastating HIV/AIDS epidemic in the foothills of the Ruwenzori Mountains of Western Uganda.

From Rev. Ezra Musobozi, director of KIDA:

“I have to thank the Friends of Ruwenzori for supporting us financially, without which our work here would not be possible.  God bless your hearts, brethren.  I write this sentence literally with tears of joy running in my eyes as I contemplate what would have happened to this community without your support and love.  Thank you so much.”


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